Meghan Smolka

           Meghan Smolka...

photographer + storyteller


Simple. Unfussy. Real.

I am a natural light photographer who loves to make beautiful things. I'm all about creating a life with intention. I am perpetually learning, and I love connecting with other creatives to showcase their unique talents or collaborate on new projects. 


My Story

I was born, raised, and still reside in the sunny little coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. I often have my nose buried in a book (or in a flower). Growing up I dreamed of writing books or working for a glossy magazine, taking in the world around me with a quiet and serious gaze. While I still love writing, creating beautiful things is my true first passion. It wasn't until my late twenties that I reconnected with my youthful abilities and began living a life of creative intention. I am honored and blessed to document moments large and small for a living, as well as for purely personal and emotional reasons. My pursuit of a beautiful life has led me back to so many of my early interests: storytelling through photography, sharing my thoughts in writing, and blogging about self-care, healthy living, style, ethical consumption, and more.


Favorite Things

golden hour. My tuxedo cat Felix. Dancing. Thai iced tea. Water (lakes or hot tubs). Redwoods. sunsets. Sleeping in. staying up late. Huevos rancheros. Rock 'n roll. Good books. Soft blankets. A sparkling wit. 


finding beauty in everything


Passion + Purpose

I love sharing my photography and other passions through blogging and social media. I am an advocate for anyone trying to create a new version of themselves through lifestyle change or clean living. I am here to inspire others to make more healthful choices in their everyday lives, to believe that every day choices are important and worthy of time, care, and documentation. I hope to empower people to take a leap, learn more, pursue their passion, make change, make waves, make their own non-toxic cleanser, swap out their lipstick, take a photo walk, try a new dish, or read a new book.