The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week IV

I definitely felt more balanced during the last week of the #Whole30, and most days even managed to prepare three full meals to keep from feeling hungry. I want to reiterate that the plan does not advocate going hungry; I have just felt very overwhelmed with work and cooking three meals a day is sometimes too daunting. Though it really isn't if you prepare well... My tummy continued to go down, both bloating-wise and fat-wise. It feels good to be able to see results as well as feel them. While I'm happy it's all over now, I don't plan on just pigging out. I've binged on some pumpkin spice Oreos and a breakfast burrito, but I'm still happy with eating mainly plant-based food and lean meats. I'm happy to be free to add back the occasional bean, rice, or quinoa. I just need to remember to keep these things as a side, not as the main meal itself.


<< DAY 22 >> Thursday was a work day, but I managed to eat a lot of leftovers, pack a lunch, and make a wonderful dinner. I always have to coax myself into eating breakfasts made up of "lunch" and "dinner" food, but really, there's no need to worry about time of day. It was actually really nice to start the day with a warm, nourishing bowl of chicken soup! As for dinner, I tried another recipe from the Whole 30 Recipes and loved it! Searing the meatballs before baking them was a great idea, and now the idea isn't daunting.

  • Breakfast: leftover chicken soup
  • Lunch: rotisserie chicken breast, grapes, almonds
  • Dinner: turkey meatballs on zucchini noodles with roasted red pepper sauce

<< DAY 23 >> Another workday, but luckily I'd stocked up on groceries a few days before. Had more leftover chicken soup. A big batch of soup made each week is a great item to have on hand for breakfasts, lunches and dinner! Chicken one week, vegetables another, beef stew a third... For dinner, I tried another recipe from the book, and it was a big hit! I'll definitely be making lots of tuna boats in the summer!

  • Breakfast: hard-boiled egg, grapes, banana, pecans
  • Lunch: chicken soup
  • Dinner: Mexican Tuna Boats, a big green & red kale salad with nuts, grapes, apples, radish (adapted from The Forest Feast)

<< DAY 24 >> This Saturday was a very long, busy day. I hosted a pop-up even for eight hours, then met my best friend at midnight for a vent session. I ended up eating at restaurants all day, trying to make the best complaint choices. A veggie burger on lettuce bun and lots of grapes and mixed nuts got me through the day. After work, my bf and I went to the local Mexican place for dinner. I got the fajita salad, and luckily they put the beans on the very bottom, so they were easy to avoid. I asked for no sour cream, no cheese, and didn't eat the tortilla bowl, but the sautéed veggies and chicken were delicious. Later for second dinner, I ordered a Sesame Tofu Salad at a vegan place, and ate two small cubes of tofu before remembering I shouldn't be eating tofu!

  • Breakfast: banana, apple, mixed nuts
  • Lunch: bunless veggie burger (from Betty Burger)
  • Dinner: chicken fajita salad (Jardine)
  • Late-night dinner: sesame salad (Saturn Cafe)

<< DAY 25 >> I slept in late this Sunday. Mostly stayed in bed, and was invited to a last minute restaurant dinner.

  • Brunch: bacon and eggs
  • Dinner: smoked salmon, steak and arugula salad (Crow's Nest)

<< DAY 26 >> So this morning I made a ton of hard-boiled eggs so I'd have a quick snack to grab. Went to dinner at a friend's house, where she was considerate of my Whole 3o needs. She had actually just completed a Whole 14 the week before. She rolled chicken breast tenders in crushed almonds and made soup, and I made another huge crunchy salad with the last of my kale and radishes.

  • Brunch: hard-boiled egg, avocado, bacon
  • Dinner: almond chicken, roasted squash soup, big mixed salad with grapefruit vinaigrette

<< DAY 27 >> Made a big batch of fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, grapes, apple, banana and pear. Roasted the seeds from the Halloween pumpkin with cinnamon and chili powder. Went to my mom's for dinner and was treated to more fish!

  • Brunch: hard-boiled egg, fruit salad, mixed nuts
  • Dinner: baked salon, avocado cranberry salad
  • Snacks: roasted pumpkin seeds

<< DAY 28 >> Mixed the seasoned seeds with pecans and sliced almonds for a new nut mix. I ended up with a TON of sweet potatoes, so I boiled several to use later. For dinner I revisited the Whole 30 pork chop and applesauce recipe I first made earlier in the month. I used less ACV and ended up with a sweeter applesauce, perfect for breakfast too.

  • Breakfast: hard-boiled egg, fruit salad
  • Lunch: boiled sweet potato with ghee and herbs, nut/seed mix
  • Dinner: pork chop, sautéed carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, applesauce (Whole 30 Recipe)

<< DAY 29 >> I was feeling very antsy to be done with the plan, to be honest. I was feeling tired of being so restricted! I'm so moody about cooking...and mostly doing dishes...

  • Breakfast: bacon, 2 eggs, leftover applesauce, jasmine tea
  • Lunch: banana, apple, mixed nuts, hard-boiled egg
  • Dinner: roasted chicken breast

<< DAY 30 >> Snacked my way through work, looking forward to the soup recipe I'd found for dinner. I really thought about cheating at midnight, but I didn't. Made it the full 30!



Overall, I'm very happy to have done the full thirty days, even with the few slip ups. I rid myself of the emotional and mental attachments to food that used to have such power over me. When I'm hungry, I'm not panicky. If there's not a healthy snack available, I can wait. I've sat next to people eating pizza and chocolate cake, and I didn't feel like crying. I've been out to bars and passed on the obligatory beer. I successfully made mayonnaise, meatballs and pork chops for the first time (and then many times again). We signed up for the Farm Fresh To You service again, and I'm using up ALL the produce happily. My sinuses haven't cleared up completely, which I know won't be helped by Halloween candy, but that is my choice. I'm excited to try out a bunch of whole food recipes in November!

If you've ever felt like you could be feeling and functioning better, if you've ever wondered if you could really make changes and see real results, I'd recommend checking out the Whole 30 program - whether the website, checking it out at the library, or buying a book (it's worth it for the recipes alone, but the science can really light a fire to make a change!).