The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week II

Week two of the Whole 30 is now under my belt...a belt that can be tightened a bit. I didn't cheat or slip this week. My energy has stopped plummeting and started going back up. I still crave sugar and pizza but it's not as bad now. Or maybe I'm just getting used to the craving and it's losing some of its power? Tummy bloating also started going down toward the end of week two (yay!). Honestly, I haven't been eating enough. A handful of days a week I sleep through breakfast and only eat two main meals and nuts as snacks in between. I am frequently peckish between meals, which means I could be eating more at each meal. I'm still just feeling a little overwhelmed by all the shopping, chopping, cooking, and dishes. And still sniffly, too...


<< DAY 8 >> Looking forward to picking out some new recipes for a new meal plan tomorrow. Still feeling tired and unmotivated. I was wrong, there was a slight cheat today. I ended up at a Beautycounter consultant meeting and had a few tiny pieces of sushi, in between scraping apple slices, cucumber and strawberries out of the salad mix...

  • Breakfast: cranberries & almonds, green juice
  • Lunch: sweet potato & egg, kale and tomato frittata
  • Dinner: baked chicken, cucumber, fruit, sushi

<< DAY 9 >> Woke up today feeling more clear-headed and normal! I've also started getting tired of writing out "sweet potatoes" in my notes and lists and just write sw/po now. Spent the morning working from home and baking a few little frittatas.

  • Breakfast: leftover frittata
  • L/D: potato salad
  • Snacks: raspberries

<< DAY 10 >> A Saturday, and a rare weekend off. Still feeling fine, though there's no change in my sinuses. Eric and I tend to eat out a lot and go grocery shopping on weekends. We went to our favorite local diner for a late breakfast, and then to Aloha Hawaiian grill for dinner. I skipped my usual sugary drink "treats" and substituted lettuce for a bun. Sweet potato fries from a restaurant aren't technically that healthy, but they still aren't really fully cheating...right?

  • Brunch: 2 eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns, fruit cup, fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Dinner: bun-less hamburger with sweet potato fries

<< DAY 11 >> We went out to eat for brunch again, this time to a Taqueria. I ordered a chicken taco bowl with no dairy and luckily they put the beans at the very bottom, so it wasn't hard to avoid all of them. I hated wasting the beans (I like beans!) but I was determined not to cheat with such an obviously gas-inducing food! We barbecued at the house in the evening. I make two potato salads, since E doesn't like the sweet potato version. Ended up with tons of leftovers! Feeling full and satisfied.

  • Brunch: shredded chicken taco salad (minus the cheese, bowl and beans)
  • Dinner: chicken skewers, grilled asparagus, sweet potato/regular potato salads, whole30-aioli with veggie sticks
  • Dessert: grapes

<< DAY 12 >> Slept through breakfast-time. Ate leftovers and made a super easy squash soup for dinner from the Whole 30 book.

  • Lunch: sweet potato salad, chicken, fruit
  • Dinner: butternut squash soup

<< DAY 13 >> Slept through breakfast again. Had more leftovers. I'm not feeling sluggish anymore, but still unmotivated to cook a lot, so instead I snack on nuts and fruit during hungry times. It's still hard to smell pizza or think about eating a cookie.

  • Lunch: potato salad
  • Dinner: squash soup, nuts, fruit

<< DAY 14 >> Woke up motivated to cook something hot for breakfast. This just turned into my favorite simple breakfast. I tried another recipe from the Whole 30 book for dinner; it turned out really well and I feel kind of accomplished now! I don't usually like pasta primavera in restaurants because the veggies are so overcooked. But when you make it at home, you can control how crisp and fresh the veggies taste! I'll definitely be redoing this meal again.

  • Brunch: bacon, hard-boiled egg, and avocado
  • Dinner: chicken primavera

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