The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week I

Week 1 of the Whole 30 has passed, and I'm feeling...tired and a little blah. Tired energy-wise, and a bit tired of eggs. This is a normal feeling, so I'm gritting my teeth and waiting it out. I remember feeling really good after the second week. I keep repeating that to myself when I pass the pizza place or think about having a soda. I just dragged myself out of the kitchen, thankful I don't have any off-plan food around - I was thisclose to cheating! I'm feeling the first week slump, and trying to stay strong. Keep reading for my daily notes and actual meals...


<< DAY 1 >> Started Thursday off confident and strong, but was getting pretty hungry between meals in the afternoon. I'll have to be sure to add more protein to each meal and to eat snacks between meals. I started my day pretty late, but cooked anyway and packed a salad for lunch; breakfast was around 11:30 a.m., with lunch a 4. Snacked on more berries before finishing the grocery shopping after work. So far, the grocery bill is around $70 for the week. Tried a whole 30 recipe for dinner around 8p.m. (I overcooked the chicken and undercooked the "swoodles" a little). But overall, the flavor was good and I had no problem finishing my fairly heaping portions. Side note: my boyfriend compared the swoodles to sauerkraut, which I don't agree with, unless maybe the texture a little bit. As I type this, I'm thinking about having some more fruit, but I'm worried the sweetness will set off more intense sugar cravings.

  • Breakfast: sweet potato hash and a fried egg (I should have made it two), earl grey tea with unsweetened almond milk, plus water and a handful of strawberries and raspberries
  • Lunch: kale, avocado, and tomato salad, garnished with pecans, a hard-boiled egg and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Dinner: sesame chicken with sweet potato noodles
  • Snacks/dessert: berries & mineral water

<< DAY 2 >> Friday morning I cooked and ate a bigger breakfast at 10:30 a.m. (a little more reasonable), and that lasted a bit longer through the day. I worked through lunch and snacked on apples and nuts, but wasn't too desperate by dinnertime. For dinner I made a simple recipe from the Whole 30 book, pork chops and applesauce. The homemade applesauce was super easy and quicker than I thought possible - I'll definitely make this again with different flavors. I threw some spinach on the plate for presentation and greens. I can tell I am way too used to snacking at night - I haven't been concentrating very well on editing at night, and just tend to go to bed early to avoid the temptation.

  • B: 2 fried eggs, 3 pieces oven-baked bacon, berries & grapes
  • L: Pecans, apple with almond butter
  • D: Pork chop with spinach and applesauce
  • S/D: berries

<< DAY 3 >> Helped photograph a long wedding in Monterey, so I allowed myself to cheat to some degree. At home this morning I scrambled two eggs, and had a handful of nuts and a cranberry almond Kind bar on the drive to the venue. Ate a second Kind bar on the drive back from the church ceremony. Several hours later when apps were served, I snagged a slider and ducked into an empty room, not even thinking twice about devouring that damn little bun... I felt proud of myself for forgoing the Coke's for energy. Dinner mostly fit into the Whole 30 plan, except I ate the mashed potatoes (a fave) before remembering they were probably made with dairy -  whoops! I can't make excuses, I just needed the energy. By the time I got home late that night I wasn't that hungry anyway and went to bed.

  • B: 2 eggs, pecans, jasmine tea
  • L: Kind fruit & nut bars, roasted almonds, mini slider burger
  • D: chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

<< DAY 4 >> As usually happens on the day following a wedding, I slept through a meal...or two. I stayed in bed until going to my mom's for dinner, though I cheated with a handful of Fritos. I couldn't face another egg today. Thankfully my mom knew about my Whole 30 and provided plenty of tasty food for dinner. Unfortunately it was very similar to the meal served the night before at the wedding. Except this time it wasn't seasoned with Tabasco, so a lot better, and finished off by a big fruit salad made with the best mango ever. My boyfriend bought himself fishy crackers and I ended up eating a few handfuls that night. I really notice how accustomed to snacking I was. I also resent the temptation! Fishy crackers are so addicting...

  • Dinner: chicken, green bean salad, kale salad
  • Dessert: giant fruit salad
  • Snacks: fishy crackers, frito's

<< DAY 5 >> Starting to feel bored and run down. I'm definitely not on top of my meal plan or grocery list. I don't feel inspired anymore. I don't make breakfast before work, I pick up a fresh green juice from Amazon Juices instead. It's a half-cheat, I know. I picked up a salad kit for lunch and left out the non-compliant ingredients. Dinner was an absolutely fabulous meal made by my friend who is doing her own Whole 14 before the holidays. She is an amazing cook and made the food totally Whole 30 compliant, but packed with flavor and texture and variety. If I had real wealth, would I hire a personal chef or a chauffeur? It's hard to decide...

  • B: kale & ginger juice, almonds
  • L: thai chicken salad kit, modified
  • D: beef cabbage wraps & coconut curry thai chicken soup with zoodles
  • S/D: berries & mineral water

<< DAY 6 >> A few slips again today. I'm falling behind on energy, resolutions, meal prep, and didn't factor in enough time to cook much. This was not a great idea. If I want more energy, I probably need to eat more food, right? But I feel very lethargic when I look in the fridge and just see a cucumber, eggs and some herbs. I've eaten all the berries. I can feel the difference when I keep properly hydrated. I went to a friends house for dinner again, but this time didn't mention my plan, just went with the free food flow...

  • B: banana w/almond butter
  • L: scrambled eggs
  • D: avocado, tuna & cucumber sushi rolls

<< DAY 7 >> A day off work, so I slept through breakfast. Started cleaning the house and making a sweet potato frittata. Felt pretty foggy and unmotivated again throughout the day and went to bed really early again. My tummy is still pretty rumbly-tumbly, probably because I has a few cheats during the week. I think about doing something with friends in the evening, but end up staying home instead and going to bed early. I want pizza crust. And some cookies... No abatement in the runny nose. Must remember to drink more water. I know this is the sugar withdrawal period, so I'm just trying to wait it out until it passes.

  • B/L: sweet potato kale & tomato frittata with grapes & yellow watermelon
  • D: spinach salad
  • S: apple & almond butter


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