What's In My Bag I


I'm a total sucker for those "what's in my bag" features. Luckily, peering into strangers' purses seems to be a completely acceptable and even popular internet and print activity. From the olden days of livejournal groups, to today's glossy magazine features, I am crazy for purse-peeping. Women tend to pack a large part of their lives into their purses and tote bags. I love seeing the assortment of things other people want to carry with them throughout a day. From finding out that my favorite celebrity stashes candy and five lip balms in her purse (me too!!), to seeing what a student on the other side of the world travels to class with, sometimes twenty minutes of (permissible) purse-peeping is the best distraction. And so is participating, as it turns out.
inmybagdeetzI DON'T HAVE A CLOSET FULL OF DESIGNER BAGS OR A FANCY KEY-CHAIN FROM TIFFANY, BUT I DO LOVE ME SOME PURSES AND MY BOYFRIEND TELLS ME I CHANGE MY PURSE A LOT. I FELT LIKE SHARING A SNAPSHOT OF WHAT I CARRY WHEN I'M CARRYING LIGHT, WITH MY CURRENT FAVORITE SPARKLY, BRONZED BLACK AND BROWN SAK OVER-THE-SHOULDER PURSE.  Inside are usually at least a few lippy products (in this case, Baby lips gloss/balm and MAC Ruby Woo matte lipstick), my glitzy gold vintage wallet that is starting to disintegrate (sniff), my iphone 4s, restaurant mints, and some crumpled receipts and candy wrappers (not shown).