Top 5 Cruelty-Free Nail Polishes

polish coverThough it makes me feel slightly better as a consumer, one annoying part of going cruelty-free is that I need to quit my fairly large Revlon collection. I liked those new gel polishes named after gambling tricks, darnit! But luckily, I have more CF replacement options than I thought. So far I've tried five different brands, all under $11. Check out the video, plus reviews and my favorite shades below: 


1.) Mineral Fusions ($8) *My Fave. Very smooth, even, thin, watery application. Highly pigmented, layers well. Wears 2-3 days. Favorite shades: Rose Quartz (dark dusty rose), Gold Rush (bright gold shimmer), Gravel Road (medium gray-blue).

2.) Wet 'n Wild ($1-3) Smooth, thin, watery application. Needs multiple layers. Wears 1-2 days. Favorite shades: Putting On Airs (sky blue), Casting Call (pinky nude), Private Viewing (deep brick red), I Need A Refresh-Mint (mint green).

3.) Pacifica ($9) More uneven, slightly lumpy application. Needs a topcoat for shine. Wears 2-3 days. Favorite shades: Crystal Orchid (pinkish purple), Blushing Bunnies (coral pink), Pool Party (bright blue)

4.) ULTA ($6) Smooth, watery application, sometimes marred by lumps/tiny bubbles. Needs multiple layers. Wears 1-3 days. Favorite shades: Bam-Blue-Zled (periwinkle blue), Vintage Violet (light blue-purple), Life's A Peach.

5.) Formula X ($10.50) Thicker, smoothes out a bit after application. Wears 2-4 days (without their signature topcoat system). Favorite shades: Pyrotechnic (bright red), Alive (light pink), Butter Yellow.