The Biweekly Best - March 14

I'm introducing a new feature where I round up all my favorite links from around the web, including recipes, workout moves, purchases, bloggers, music, etc. I hope you enjoy!



Since I found her last year, I've been obsessed with photographer Molly Steele aka @moristeele. She spent several months hopping trains and traveling the (dangerous) hobo life, and that photo series is what first intrigued me. Her instagram is like being on a non-stop road-trip with her, some film cameras and the wilderness. I always find myself feeling inspired and vintage-toned after looking through her posts. 

Recipes & Cooking


With Saint Patty's Day coming up, Pinterest has been flooded with various green/beef/cabbage-based recipes. This Guinness Beef Stew recipe from The Brown Eyed Baker is right up my alley. I'm going to actually add cabbage when I make it on Thursday.

After trying the delicious new Austrian restaurant Nasch in Los Gatos, I was reminded of my love for German potato salad. Served hot or cold, this delicious side dish is the ultimate comfort food and reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. And who doesn't love bacon?

And don't Champagne Gummy Bears sound a million times better than Vodka Gummy Bears?! I don't know why I never thought of this on my own...


Those cute Fred Matryoshka doll nesting measuring cups come in white as well as red!

Camera Gear


Holdfast has come out with a nylon version of their luxury leather Moneymaker camera strap system! The Camera Swagg offers the same function with new adjustable straps for about $70 less. Now I'm not quite sure which one I'm going to get for wedding season this year...



I found a decent photograph to take to the hairdresser. I'm getting my hair done for my birthday this Friday and I want to make my blonde highlights more natural and blended.

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