The Biweekly Best: April 7


As April rolls in (and partially by me already, whoa) I find myself doing some serious spring cleaning,  reorganizing, Goodwill-ing, and gearing up for more work. The two small, informal beach weddings this week should help me ease right into the wedding season. With temperatures jumping almost daily from the low sixties to the mid-eighties, some days I find myself at the beach and some days wrapped in blankets in front of a computer. The best of both winter and summer in Santa Cruz, I guess? 

Experiencing... Lebanese Wine Tasting

A friend took me to Soif Wine Bar for a fun and educational Sunday afternoon. We tasted five wines while listening to a native winemaker speak about the Lebanese countryside and guide us through the flavors. I'm not a wine-lover but this was a $15 well spent.

Dining Out... Laili Santa Cruz

I was treated to a delicious and lingering dinner here for my birthday. Several friends brought champagne (for me) and wine (for them) and we consumed much too much amazing Mediterranean Afghan food: fresh naan with hummus & tabbouleh, refreshing cilantro & mint caesar salad, and pomegranate chicken with saffron rice, followed by the cardamom creme brûlée. If you're ever in downtown Santa Cruz, I highly recommend looking this place up.

Ordering in... Real Thai Kitchen

Like everyone, I get burned out on cooking (more so on the cleaning up & dishes) every day. Lately, we've been splurging weekly on yellow curry tofu from our new favorite local spot. Ordering twice the usual amount of rice assures us a few easy and delicious leftover meals. And we live close enough for delivery - score!

Coveting... Relax by Lollia

A sweet & delicate lavender & honey scent that I've completely skipped over for years and now want more than anything after trying it on last week. Many scents turn on me quickly, but this one just got better with time.

Browsing... The Unconventional Baker

Having followed Audrey on Instagram for a long time, I finally tried one of her many delicious looking and sounding raw, vegan dessert recipes. Having never enjoyed vegan sweets before, I was more than pleasantly surprised and encouraged to try more.