The Biweekly Best April 28

Discovering... Beautycounter

I attended a local BeautyCounter event a few weeks ago and had a great time learning some new information and testing the products. Beautycounter is a San Diego-based skin/hair/babycare & cosmetic company dedicated to educating U.S. women about the toxic chemicals allowed in many of our self-care products and cosmetics. I purchased a few sunblocks for the summer because of the pleasant scent and physical sunscreen ingredients. I am definitely interested in the cleansing balm, eye cream, and facial oils, and I believe they're almost done developing a mascara. So many safe goodies!


I took note when recipes kept popping up in my suggested Pins, and for good reason. Olena's blog is chock full of amazing, creative and delicious-looking and sounding clean, healthy recipe ideas. She brings an interesting mixture of flavors to her blog, with her Ukrainian roots and California coastal residence. Some of my favorite recipes include her Simple Peanut Sauce, Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka, and of course the Zoodles & Cilantro Lime Chicken that first started it all.

Reading... The Maddaddam Trilogy

I first started Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam series with Oryx & Crake during my senior year in college. The last book came out a few years ago, and I recently started re-reading them all again. This tale is set in a future world that is disturbingly close to our own, and reminds us that our own future could easily turn this dark. While the absurd-sounding details like glow-in-the-dark bunnies and full-body dermabrasion "spas" sound straight out of science fiction, Atwood based her books on current scientific breakthroughs that have already occurred, or probably will soon. These books will make you think.

Lighting... Cost Plus candles

For almost ten years now I've been lighting the Asian Poppy scented Cost Plus candle line. For some reason, it's the only smell I don't get tired of and doesn't give me a weird sense of deja vu. I've pretty much ignored the other scents, but they really have it going on. The White Tea & Ginger Soy candle is giving Asian Poppy a run for its money right now.


Until I save enough money for the 35mm art lens I need, I have been renting one for three day periods from They provide you with the return shipping label, and all you need to do is tape the box back up and get it back to the UPS when you're done!


Local boutique Stripe is having a 20% off sale in their online shop with the code "SPRINGCLEANING". I'm thinking of this as an opportunity to pick up a Mother's Day gift, and perhaps the black wool Suffolk Hat, ceramic egg tray, or the cute Santa Cruz tote bag. I LOVE their delicate and handmade jewelry selection too; my favorite earrings from their last sale sold out, but some other worthy ones are the triangular brass diamond hoops or flat brass chevron studs.

Repeating... Hindu Sutra

"Effort without tension, relaxation without dullness"
- Sthira Sukham Asanam


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