Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish Review


I'm continuing to clean up the various chemical-laden products in my home environment. One of the hardest for me to give up has been nail polish. So recently I picked up a bottle of "Delicious Peach" nail polish by Suncoat Girl. It's supposed to be a very natural, water-based, peel-able nail polish, safe enough for children. Do you see those chips? Yeah... Read on for my full review! 

Product Overview

"SuncoatGirl water-based nail polishes are uniquely formulated by our chemists without using any of the following chemicals: Phthalate plasticizers, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetates, Alcohol, Glycol ethers, FD&C dyes.

Only water, acrylic copolymers and polyurethane (plastic), mineral-based pigments, plastic glitter* and carmine are in these nail polishes. Virtually odor-free. Releases water vapor when applied, not toxic chemical fumes. These water-based children’s nail polishes are truly the most natural nail polishes in the market place."

nail polish review


Water, acrylic copolymers. May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, iron oxides, ferric ferrocyanide, chromium oxide green, ultramarine blue, polyethylene terephthalate (plastic glitter)

how it rates

Scores a 1 on the EWG scale. Cruelty-Free. Made in Canada.


let's talk details

THE APPLICATION This nail polish is very similar to many other polishes. It goes on rather streaky, then smoothes out a bit as it dries. I applied three coats, letting each dry between as instructed. I could have kept going for more opacity, but I was tired of layering.

THE SCENT A strong chemical smell similar to other polishes; also faintly fruity - fragrance?

THE RESULTS Lasted less than 12 hours and several hand washings before starting to disintegrate. I couldn't peel it off after soaking, either.



final thoughts

Maybe this is a good polish for children. Especially since most kids aren't very concerned with longevity. I was disappointed by this nail polish. The polish dries to an almost slightly tacky finish, and it does not last. I didn't take a shower, do dishes, or do crafts while wearing it, just washed my hands as usual. The polish is supposed to peel off after soaking in water for three minutes. It didn't peel off, nor did it last. Random bits seemed to rub off or disappear. I could scrape it off much more easily than other polishes, but it did not "peel off" easily as expected. I ended up removing what was left of the Suncoat Girl peelable nail polish with regular remover less than a day after applying it. I do not recommend it for it's wear or price.

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