Stop & Smell Like Roses

I treated myself to a copy of InStyle magazine recently and just got around to flipping through it this afternoon. While relishing the glossy, scented pages I noticed an article about three new fragrances with rose as the main feature and it sparked my interest. Rose scents have intrigued me since I was a little girl picking rose petals for rosewater or potpourri. Since then, Heritage Rosewater has become my favorite pick-me-up spray in the summer and a travel mister for my beauty blender. It smells like the purest bouquet, is all-natural and costs less than five dollars!
Years ago, standing in a rowdy, packed show at a local bar, I kept getting wafts of the most amazing rose fragrance. Now, normally if you can smell another person in this type of situation, it ain't good, even if we're just talking perfume. But in this case, I was so enraptured I sniffed discreetly at the girls around me. I can't think of any other fragrance that's made me behave so strangely in public, but...seriously, she smelled how roses wish they smelled. After the music ended I complimented her and begged the name. She replied "Escada, I don't remember which one." I was thrilled and went searching for it the next day, but then I learned that oh hey Escada makes about fifty fragrances, many of which claim to include rose notes. Nothing available in the stores could satisfy me. But I prevailed, so MAY I PRESENT: ESPECIALLY ESCADA AND IT'S DAUGHTER, Especially Escada DELICATE NOTES!


Years passed, and I bought other fragrances, even found one I like even better, but something in the back of my mind kept thinking of roses blooming freshly in a dark, smelly room. And ya know what? I finally found some answers while staggering starry-eyed through the Ulta that just opened up in Santa Cruz. Like the thrifty little shopping/hoarder I am, I went home and looked up sample sizes to buy on eBay. I found a trial size original perfume, and an adorable scented shimmer powder trial size of the second. I reserve them for special occasions, but just looking at them sparkling on my vanity makes me feel like I'm looking through rose-colored glasses.
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