Spring Mood Board ft Pantone

spring moodboard

I still can't get over Pantone's two colors of the year. They just work so well together! It wasn't even a stretch making this spring mood board fit into the color scheme, it just happened! 

After a long grey spring, the sunshine is popping out more and more and makes me want to be outside! That's one of my big goals for the next week or two: get outside more. I don't spend nearly enough time in nature's calming, revitalizing presence. We spent a few hours today working on the backyard, so hopefully that will become a nice haven soon.

I'm also working on self-love. I've got self-care down pretty pat, but not self-love. I'm so moody and have been feeling down and out for several weeks now, making it harder to get out of bed, accomplish goals, or workout. I joined a beachbody group for the month of May and I have been totally slacking on the workout part. Though weeding today was definitely a doozy!

Wedding season is starting to pick up. My first wedding as a dedicated second shooter is next Saturday, and I am so nervous and excited. I really need the money to start flowing back to me, after putting out so much this year.

Have a happy week!