Shopping List: Bicycle Baskets Under $75

bike baskets wishlistIt's almost time to invest in a new basket for my bike. I have a tiny wicker basket on the front that barely holds anything at all. It also coincidentally has a bit of take-home leftover spaghetti and meatballs spilled in it. Both good reasons to carefully consider what type of basket to get. Front or back mounted? Wicker or metal? Brightly colored or timeless? Removable shopping basket or permanent carrier? I rounded up some favorites to mull over. 

bike baskets wishlist

1. Nantucket Lightship Classic $55  |  2. Sunlight Lift-Off Basket in Green $28  |  3. Wald Quick Release Wire Basket $25

4. Wicker Shopping Basket $44  |  5. Wald Front Woody $70  |  6. Wald 520 Wire Rear Twin Bicycle Carrier $40

*first inspiration image source: abeachcottage