Shopping List: Beach Bags

It's time for a new beach bag. Instead of making a super impulsive purchase, I've been holding out for just the right bag. My main criteria: big enough to hold a towel, snacks, water, etc.; over-the-shoulder handles; lets sand run out, sturdy, and roomy. I've rounded up some of the top favorites I'm thinking of choosing from below. It's a hard decision! I'm leaning toward #2 or #7.


1. Vix X tote bag in tan $184   |   2. Madewell Corsica straw tote  $50   |   3. Hat Attack Twisted Colorblock tote in white  $99   |   4. And So It Goes net bag with leather handles $85  |   5. Straw French market tote $46  |   6. Target soft straw bag $30  |   7. Target straw basket bag $35

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