Review | NYX Finishing Powder


Holy  grail of finishing powders = found! With even fewer additives and ingredients than the pricier versions on the market, NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder is hands-down the greatest buy for any makeup lover. I've used and liked similar products, such as Tarte's Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder and Bareminerals Mineral Veil. With only one ingredient, NYX Finishing Powder is the lightest option with the best price. 


Replacing my old powders with color pigments and pressed powders with waxes and other additives, ultra-fine colorless finishing powders have been a staple in my makeup bag for a few years now. The pure white color seems daunting but is truly genius. Because it has no color pigments, it is the absolute best thing for setting face makeup, especially under-eye concealer. It blends instantly and leaves a silky, natural matte finish to the skin. There's no possibility of streaking or dark spots where pigment could cling to dry skin patches. I use it daily with a fluffy brush and buff it over my cc cream to set oily areas and to provide a base for my powder bronzer and blush products.


Only one ingredient: 100% mineral silica (I'd call that clean!). Scores a 1 on the Environmental Working Group's SkinDeep product app. Cruelty-free. Absolutely no cakiness. Ultra-finely milled, unscented, with no preservatives or irritants. Absorbs oil throughout the day.  Leaves a natural skin finish. Won't disturb or alter existing makeup. Insane price ($10).


Messy as fuck, which is to be expected with any loose powder, but still... Bareminerals figured out how to add an inner closure to their loose powders so the product is easier to control and it's actually possible to travel without everything ending up in the top lid.