Warm Quinoa Black Bean & Kale Salad Recipe

I used to HATE kale. I did not understand how people could even stand it, let alone like it. Maybe this is due in part to the fact that growing up I was forced to eat it weekly. My mom has always been health-conscious, but wasn't the best cook back then. She served up huge, fibrous bunches of lightly steamed kale with a splash of soy sauce. What the wha? No, thank you. THAT was a recipe for disaster.

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The joy of cooking came to me from having my own kitchen and being free to experiment and learn more. Kale is one of those foods that does a lot better seasoned well and mixed into a larger, more varied dish. It works so well with many different flavors, from citrus to savory. Warm and cold kale salads have become one of my favorite go-to clean eating dishes. Keep reading for a quick, simple, delicious and nutritious Quinoa Black Bean Kale Salad recipe!

quinoa black bean kale salad recipe

I'm using up a bag of quinoa mixed with millet and buckwheat and it's been working quite well in salads, but generally speaking regular quinoa works best. If you don't like using canned beans (you saint!) make sure to soak your dry beans overnight. I also like to soak chopped onion in water while I finish cooking to remove some of the breath-ruining bite.