Mac n Cheese With Fresh Herbs

At the store today, I was stopped by a display of Annie's products and picked some up. My man only likes the white "cheese" kind, so I got that for dinner and a box of bunny pasta with cheddar for myself (because it's cute and I like to eat cute things). When I got home, I found out how special this random purchase was. Apparently Annie's just sold out to some big company, disappointing E because he grew up eating that stuff, and of course it can't possibly stay the same under new ownership. So we are now planning on going back to the store tomorrow and stocking up on Annie's more-natural-than-Kraft mac 'n chee before the switch over.

I wanted to share how I fancify a box of mac 'n cheese with herbs. Of course, made from scratch baked mac 'n cheese is amazing, and I have to try my friend's margerhita pizza recipe someday, but sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I am a lazy person. And I don't care much for plain boxed mac, so I like to add herbs (dried is okay) to shake things up and add a new flavor. Check out the instructions below.

While the pasta is boiling away, melt a few tablespoons of butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Throw in a teaspoonful of your favorite savory herbs: I like to use fresh rosemary and thyme, finished off with a liberal amount of black pepper, of course. Let the butter gently simmer up the flavors of the herbs while the pasta is cooked and drained. Remove anything inedible (like the rosemary stems) and combine with the milk/water and cheese mix, whisking to get rid of lumps, before mixing with the cooked pasta.

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