Honey Lemon-Lime Coconut Yogurt Popsicles

So far June was way hotter than July, but I'm sure the weather is just getting started. I find myself craving ice cream and sorbet all the time when the thermometer goes over seventy degrees. I love otter pops and popsicles too, but it feels strange to spend money on frozen sugar water. I've been experimenting with dairy-free popsicle recipes since I discovered the joy that is coconut yogurt. I've been relying on So Delicious Coconut Yogurt to replace dairy as I try to get my sinus issues to clear up through a mainly whole-30 diet. Sure, it's not stiff and creamy like a Greek yogurt, but it  still works well for quick, healthy breakfasts. The consistency is perfect for stirring into fruit and granola or blended into a smoothie. And now being frozen into a popsicle!


After scooping up these popsicle molds at the grocery store, I realized I should probably make my own frozen treats while trying to stick to a clean diet. The possibilities seem endless: blended watermelon and mint leaves, orange mango puree, vanilla + banana slices, I mean really, all the fruits and juices. The lemon-lime recipe below is super refreshing and tart - the vanilla flavored coconut yogurt is not extremely strong in flavor, so they honey or maple syrup is helpful to cut the intensity of the citrus juices.

I filled the mold with water and poured it into a measuring cup to find out how much total mixture I needed. In my case, it was exactly 1 cup - divided between four compartments. It makes a quick sweet tart snack under 100 calories. I'll probably look for larger molds soon, as I now realized these were probably made for kids. Do you have a favorite popsicle mold?






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