Joggers are the New Leggings

I joined a 12 week challenge group called TerraFit two weeks ago, and I'm still easing into the whole working out thing. Setting out and putting on dedicated workout clothes has become a motivating and enjoyable experience since joggers are everywhere now! Joggers are basically lightweight, fitted sweats that elevate the look of the traditional bulky "sweat pant". I've never been a big fan of leggings, so joggers are perfect for me, especially in the colder weather. They are super comfortable, don't create muffin top, and don't reveal every crevice of your body to the world. I feel cute wearing them, but they're still as comfortable as pajamas.Here's a brief guide to choosing the perfect pair of joggers:

  1. LENGTH It's important to find a slightly cropped length that's right for your height. Too long and the pants will bunch up at the ankles. Too short and they could cut into the widest part of your calves, making your legs look shorter. The perfect length falls an inch or two above your ankle bone.
  2. FABRIC Since joggers are looser and cut a little fuller than leggings, you want to avoid thick or stiff fabrics that could bunch up. A lightweight sweatshirt material or heavy t-shirt jersey makes for the most more stream-lined and flattering silhouette. Smooth silk and cotton options could totally double as daywear.
  3. WAIST Think about how you wear workout pants: Do you like to sweat it out with just a sports bra? Consider a high-waisted pair of joggers. Do you like to zip on a hoodie to keep off the chill? Consider a low-slung pair that leaves the pockets accessible under a longer top.

My Favorite Slim Fitting Joggers:

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