Girl Talk Interview #1 with Dorey Kronick

DK-11. Where do you currently call home?

I currently live & work in Chicago, Illinois. I'm originally from Santa Cruz, California and have lived in Thousand Oaks, San Jose, San Gregorio & San Francisco.

2. What do you do for a living?

I'm a self-employed Graphic Designer, Photographer & Artist.

3. How did you become a graphic designer, photographer & artist?

As a child I wanted to be an artist because that's what my mom was. She encouraged me to be creative & express my emotions through various art forms like watercolors, clay, & drawings. In middle school & high school, I thought I wanted to be a singer because I loved MTV, music, bands, & magazines, but after joining a choir & making my way up to the highest level vocal group in my area, I realized that I had ridiculous panic-attack-level anxiety whenever it was my turn to do a solo and/or perform on stage.

By the time I went to college, I re-discovered my love for visual art after taking some ceramics & screen-printing classes & started talking to a few friends who encouraged me to study graphic design. I didn't really know what graphic design was at the time, except for the fact that it involved computer based art & everyone said it would allow me to pursue a creative career, while at the same time, prepare me for a technology-saturated future.

I didn't want to be a starving artist, but I knew I wanted to make a living being creative, so I figured graphic design & computer-based arts would fulfill that goal. I needed to take photography classes to meet my graphic design Bachelor of Arts requirements, so I also started finding a love & interest in that field over time. I continued to take elective classes in other unique art forms like metal sculpture & welding though too, so that lead me to getting a Minor in Studio Arts. I love all forms of art, so I'm always trying to find ways to combine all of my creative passions.

4. Where are you happiest?

I'm happiest when I'm in the zone, making art with my hands in my home studio. Whether it's painting, drawing, collaging, or something else, I just really enjoy cranking up the music & creating.


5. Any words of advice to your younger self?

I wish I could tell younger self not to worry so much because everything always works out!

6. How do you like to unwind in your free time?

In my free time, I like to unwind by practicing yoga, chilling at the local park in my neighborhood (Logan Square), and/or grabbing a craft cocktail at a hipster bar with friends.

7. Describe your morning routine

I usually go to bed pretty late... I'm kind of a night owl, so I typically wake up naturally in the morning around 10 - 11am. I make french press coffee, wash my face with my favorite bar of Lush soap, & check my email/social media. I water my plants, feed my two beta fish, do a few stretches, & get to work.

Favorite Place

8. What’s always in your makeup bag/purse?

I just about always have L'Oreal blackest black voluminous mascara, Smith's Rosebud minted rose lip balm, & a custom face powder blend made just for me thanks to Fix Studios San Francisco in the makeup bag in my purse.

9. What traits do you find most attractive in others?

For the most part, I genuinely look for friends who are sweet, caring, kind, open, & loving. People who aren't afraid to be themselves, who are willing to share their personal stories & experiences, & who aren't crazy judgmental or biased. I love people who are open-minded, unique, & creative in some shape or form. I choose friends who are good at listening & who don't get upset over changes in plans... being able to go with the flow is pretty important to me.

10. Describe your dream vacation

This is probably pretty standard for most people, but I love vacationing almost anywhere that has a beach, good drinks, & sunny weather. I went to Iceland earlier this year, & although I fucking loved it & wouldn't change that experience for anything - it was so cold, windy, & extreme that I look forward to my next relaxing vacation being somewhere that I can lay on the beach with a pina colada & fall asleep on a blanket in the sand, listening to the sound of waves crashing.


11. What are your favorite foods?

Smoothies, bagels, sushi, and cheeseburgers (NOT fast-food cheeseburgers though!)

12. Favorite Workout?


13. Favorite Bands?

Beach House, Father John Misty, and Widowspeak

14. Favorite Local Spots?

In Chicago: Scofflaw (local gin cocktail bar & restaurant right by my apartment - part of the reason I moved to this particular area!),  Parson's Chicken & Fish (rad nearby restaurant with a huge outdoor patio area & bar with slushy cocktails), and The Whistler (craft cocktail bar w/live music and/or DJs every night & a killer little outdoor patio). 

In Santa Cruz: Cafe Brazil, 515 Kitchen & Cocktails, and Cafe Pergolesi

15. Favorite Books

"The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power" by Vernon Howard, "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, and "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton 

*All images courtesy of Dorey Kronick


I met Dorey about ten years ago, and as much as I love how successful and happy she is in Chicago, I admit I miss her unique (and newly blonde) presence - she was my best crafting pal! She also designed the header logo for this blog - I love that my blog is graced by a leaf she drew herself!

Visit Dorey's website to view her portfolio of graphic design, photography, and other artistic services. Visit her Society6 page to shop her original art designs and photography. You can view more of Dorey's Iceland adventure photos here.