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2016 is going to be a year of moving forward, both professionally and personally. I have fifteen scheduled weddings to attend as a second photographer, and am working to refine my photography skills and build physical strength for those long, hard days. 2015 was about changing my diet, buying less, and going cruelty-free in the cosmetics department. This year, I want to bring that ethical focus to my wardrobe. I have definitely moved away from shopping mainly fast fashion (like Forever 21 and H&M) in the past year and a half (by not making emotional, unplanned purchases and by aiming for quality over quantity). I've noticed that I actually like not having a bunch of cheap options to choose from; if all the clothes in the closet are well made and fit properly, being well-dressed every day isn't so hard. And I need to make sure I have sturdy clothes for work that hold up to sweat and still look nice.


In 2016, I want to take it to the next level and really try to shop mindfully and ethically. No more cheap bulk undies, no more $5 tank tops, no more Made-in-China tags on everything in my closet. No more browsing through Marshall's when I'm bored or want a pick-me-up after payday. As I learned from switching to cruelty-free beauty care products, consuming ethically isn't easy. As hater like to point out, it's more time-consuming and more expensive, generally. But now in my life, it's worth it. Plus, it requires a good budget and forethought. Yay, lists! Yay, sale sections!


I haven't begun making more money than before, but I still want to get myself solidly on the ethical path. I've compiled a list of ethical brands and online retailers to help make wiser choices about shopping for clothes and accessories this year. Many eco-fashion sites are far beyond my price range, for the foreseeable future at least, so I've narrowed down my list to ones I have previously purchased from or can see myself shopping at now. (These brands and many more are listed in the The EcoCult Shopping Guide)


Ethical Style 2016

Alternative Apparel

Amour Vert

ASOS Green Room


Eileen Fisher





Modcloth Made in USA

Naja Lingerie



Riley & Coco


Synergy Clothing

UO Urban Renewal


Ethical Style Wishlist


Alternative Apparel yarn dye flannel wrapPrinted sweatshirt by Valentine GauthierSwedish Hasbeen Kitten Heel platformsDorian red-striped long sleeve topMini Leather SatchelEverlane V-neck t-shirts



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