BareMinerals Skincare Love

20140521-170709-61629028.jpg I started trying, buying, and loving bareMinerals products about seven years ago, starting with the classic loose foundation. Over the years, I've snapped up as many kits and product demos as I could find and afford. I was especially happy when I first tried their skincare products, loving the herbal ingredients, clean scent and light texture.
But after a few years, my fickle brain kicked in and started wondering, what else is out there? I started cheating on my bareMinerals, dabbling with drugstore brands, fancy samples and the new bb creams. I figured I was saving money, and trying new things. But I was never really, truly impressed or satisfied as i tried one thing after another. While I was wandering the new ulta the other day, I saw the bareminerals skincare for sale as a duo, which only seems to happen a few times a year. Since I've stared longingly at the full size bottles but never pulled the $30 per bottle trigger, i almost squealed aloud with joy at the $20 price tag.
For me, the mark of a good, solid product is if you replace it when it runs out (or even before it runs out!). So far, the only things I buy repeatedly involve Baby Lips and Pantene,..and now, I am also reaffirming my devotion to bareMinerals cleanser and moisturizer. the cleanser is wonderfully foamy and removes makeup well, including mascara. Previously, I was using Philosophy purity and it didn't cleanse nearly as well.
my favorite thing is the bareMinerals lotion, though. This stuff absorbs quickly and wears well under make-up. I like to mix it with foundation to create tinted moisturizer during the day, or with coconut and avocado oils for a super-moisturizing night cream. This stuff has never made me break out, either; i even use it on acne-prone areas if they get flaky and dry.