The August List

To-do lists are one of my favorite things. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always complete all the items, and sometimes I start a new one before I finish an old one… But I just love being able to clarify my thoughts by putting my goals, projects and ideas into lists. And crossing things off ain’t bad! Lately I’ve begun reading the blog Shutterbean, and with her list posts she’s reminded me to just share my passions. So I’m sharing a list of some of the things I’d like to do in August!

  • SWIM somewhere, anywhere that isn’t cold!
  • VISIT the barre studio and try a class
  • EAT way more greens than anythings else
  • READ at least few pages a day
  • HIKE at least two times
  • CONNECT with more local creative babes
  • MAKE a new YouTube video
  • PLAN my Beautycounter/girls trip to Las Vegas next month
  • CLEAN out the spare room + backyard
  • GO to Refuge in Carmel in the evening for sunset
  • TRY a new local restaurant
  • WORK on a Photography + Branding giveaway
  • CO-HOST a Back to School essential oils class


The August To-Do List