All About TerraFIT

 Early this year I signed up for TerraFIT, a 12 week workout and eating program. I was tired of feeling weak, sickly and lame, and wanted to really see how far I could get if I didn't give up. Plus, I missed the group accountability aspects, even though I'm not into going to the gym, working out for an hour a day, 6 a.m. bootcamps, juice cleanses, 5 days of the same meals, or anything else painful or extreme. I'd tried gyms and home-workout programs (like Beach Bod and the SELF Challenge) and did not stick to them or fully respect their advice. Slow and steady progress and incremental changes helps make a healthier lifestyle easier to maintain. I've learned so much, including how important food and your overall health are in your weight-loss journey, more than even exercise is, and should be THE primary focus. In less than three months I felt and saw changes I've NEVER in my 30-something years experienced before!

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TerraFIT is customizable enough for the ultimate beginner as well as someone who's fallen off the workout wagon and wants to climb back in. I love coaching my teams and helping others find their ultimate wellness and weight-loss routines. Whether it's educating people about the natural alternatives and solutions out there, or helping them find the perfect routine for their lifestyle and goals, I'm so happy to be sharing my knowledge and findings with others. Keep reading for a breakdown of the program!


  • one-on-one coaching
  • weekly meal plans
  • weekly workout plans
  • accountability & support


  • expensive gear & products
  • rigid schedule
  • meal replacement shake requirements
  • unsustainable activities

TerraFit will help you learn to cook or improve your repertoire of go-to healthy home-cooked meals.

TerraFIT is a clean living program designed to help guide you in learning healthy lifestyle changes that will last FOREVER. TerraFIT offers weekly meal plans and a weekly grocery shopping list to help you stay on track. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are varied each day, plus three snacks to keep you going between meals. Sometimes it's nice to take the planning and guesswork out of planning meals each week! The recipes are simple, well-rounded, and delicious - I've already learned a few new ones I use weekly, including the Simple Smoothie recipe I'm now addicted to.


You gain access to one-on-one virtual coaching to design a personalized plan. TerraFit Advantage offers an online activity and food point tracker. You DO NOT have to restrict or count calories, or weigh your food. You just eat whole foods, vegetables, lean protein and grains according to the weekly meal plans, which come with grocery shopping lists and recipes online. The points system counts your water intake, vegetables, and food servings. If you take supplements or drink meal replacement shakes, there's a spot for bonus points. It also helps track your physical activity, whether it's the TerraFIT Advantage videos or your own sweat-inducing workouts.

Learn the right workouts for your body and your goals.


The workouts are 30-60 minutes five days a week, and two rest days. Modifications for the moves are given for all levels. You can follow the Team workout schedule, or choose your own modified workout program with my help. Workouts range from light weights or resistance bands and interval training, to kickboxing and yoga. Choose your desired workout duration or favorite trainer.

There's no fancy equipment or products required to participate in the challenge beyond resistance bands or free weights. The challenge is $25 for the three months, and your points can win you gift certificates and cash prizes individually and as a team! You get one free week of TERRAfit Advantage for free upon sign up. The next month you will start being charge $11.99 per month for access to the point tracker, workout videos, customizable workout calendar, grocery lists, recipes, and more.

That's so much cheaper and more convenient than a gym membership!


Perhaps best of all, the teams are very small, so you get to know your teammates and really feel accountable, even online! A private Facebook group with daily motivation and direct personal coaching from me for the challenge is included with the sign up fee. There are cash grand prizes and weekly gift card giveaways to the top participating competitive teams.

The first week of TERRAfit Advantage is free, and gives you access to the online meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, workout videos, point & activity trackers, and more.

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