DIY Pom Pom Headband

Here are some simple instructions on how to recreate Sonia Rykiel's oversize pom-pom headband.


  • small ball of yarn (I used Vanna White's "Linen" yarn for Lion, ha)
  • small pieces of cardboard two to six inches across
  • scissors
  • basic headband
  • a few episodes of your favorite tv show


Step One: Cardboard Prep

Cut cardboard into two equal circles. I first cut out two squares, then trimmed off the corners to make rough circles. The size of the circles corresponds with the size of the resulting pom. Poke the tip of the scissor through the center of each cardboard circle. Rotate scissors to enlarge the hole, creating a kind of two-layer doughnut.


Step Two: Yarn

Pull off several yards of yarn. To avoid tangling, make this into a smaller skein. Starting wrapping the yarn around the cardboard doughnut. When you run out of yarn, tie on a new length near the center of the circle, so the knot won't show.
Wrap evenly in multiple layers, until the cardboard doesn't show through. The more yarn you add at this point will give you a thicker, sturdier pom pom. When satisfied, tie ends of yarn together several times near the center of the circle.


Step Three: Cut

Start cutting the loops on the outer edge of the circle where the yarn crosses the meeting of the two cardboard pieces. Continue cutting around the edge of the circle.


Step Four: Finish

Pull the two cardboard circles away from each other by about a half inch. Wrap a foot-long length of yarn tightly around the enter of the bundle, knot off, then pull off the cardboard. Fluff into place. Tie onto a headband, or to a brooch back, trim any wayward strands if you wish, and wear with aplomb!



Basic Cost: $4
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